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By contactus
March 07, 2012
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These tough economic times are causing hard-working people to suffer unnecessarily and pay more for dental care, long-term, because they are delaying needed treatment. 

A recent case in point:  I have a patient who works two jobs, including one with a restaurant chain that provides decent dental insurance. The restaurant changes his work schedule every week.  Over a year ago, he had a tooth treatment planned for a composite filling which would have cost him a co-payment of $40 through his employer’s dental insurance.  However, since this patient was not getting a reliable number of work hours each week, he has been afraid to take time off.  He has been working every hour offered in order to make sure he can pay his rent and other regular bills, so he postponed his dental treatment.  Left untreated, the tooth decay worsened and the tooth recently fractured.  Now, the tooth requires a crown at a co-payment multiple times the cost of a filling.

I worry that my patient will continue to postpone treatment until he is in constant pain, at which point he will need root canal therapy.  It is also possible, that, due to the additional time and cost involved, he might also risk medical complications from an untreated dental infection.  Ironically, that would cost his employer more in lost productivity and insurance than just dealing with the problem now. 

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